WayteQ x850

SiRF Atlas V 664 MHz processor, 250 MHz DSP

4,3" display, 2 GB / 4 GB storage memory

128MB DDR2 memory



SiRFatlas V CPU


The SiRFatlas V CPU with 664 MHz has advanced GPS support. The processor has a 250 MHz DSP chip which is for speed up calculating GPS coordinates. The faster DRR2 memory support ensures data transmission between memory and processor. Beside these functions the device needs less energy, so navigation and  other functions can be used for a longer time.






The integrated GPS-reciever in SiRF Atlas V CPU cares about gathering satellite information. GPS coordinates are calculated by a custom-developed 250MHz DSP chip. The SirfAtlasV processor is capable of receiving satellite signals through 64 channels. As a result x850 is faster and more accurate in locating position. 




The device includes a 4GB flash memory that can be extended up to 16GB with a microSD card. Operational memory boasts an impressive 128MB, which is ample even if planning a Trans-European route.


Multimedia and entertainment


The x850 is in its element in multimedia as well. Besides playing music or videos, you can watch flash video or browse photos and text files. And if that wasn’t enough, a few simple games are also readily available.





Removable battery

x850 has a big advantage: removeable battery. Buying a secondary battery makes it easy to use x850 in places where there is no possibility for charging. Just take out secondary battery and put on the place of the discharged one. So you can use product while sightseeing or hiking. At the end of the day batteries can be charged to make them ready for the next day with full capacity. The built-in light sensor also helps saving energy. Light sensor increases brightness only when it's absolutely needed.


LCD size:4.3" touch screen TFT LCD
LCD colours:65 536 shades
LCD resolution:480 x 272 (16:9 ratio)
LCD orientation:landscape
Processor (CPU):SiRF Atlas V, 664MHz ARM11 CPU with 250MHz Enhanced DSP for GPS
Memory:2 GB / 4 GB (for storage)
Memory (RAM):128 MB (for running programs)
GPS-receiver:Atlas V, (64 channels)
Memory card:microSD, microSDHC slot
Earphone output:3.5mm jack
Operating system:Windows CE 6.0
Battery type:Lithium
Navigation software:Optional
Size:119,6 x 76,3 x 13,5 mm

Package content

Package content:

  • Wayteq x850 PNA navigation device
  • Car holder (suction cup + arm)
  • Car charger
  • USB cable
  • User's manual



Included accessories: 

For data transmission, 0,8 m

Car charger to use with models chargable through USB connection

  • For models with 4,3" screen
  • Match with 3 point console
  • Suction cup fog GPS navigation
  • 3 point mount
  • Turnable ball joint
  • Adhesive pad with vacuum for massive holding
Optional accessories: 

DC charger to use with models chargable through USB connection

  • Excellent solution to see screen in heavy sunlight
  • For models with 4,3” screen
  • To use with x820, x820BT, x850
  • Excellent quailty case for WayteQ PNDs with 4,3" screen (x820, x820BT, x850)
  • Glass beaded screen outside
  • Hardened front and back to protect device
  • Spongy inside
  • Netted container for accessories (memory card, stylus etc)