x985BT GPS rollover patch News 2019-05-31


The patch below repairs the date appearance problem on WayteQ x985BT devices which appeared on April 6th 2019. ("GPS rollover") Do not use this patch on other devices! This patch does not containes the operating system, so it can not be used to repair problems caused by operating system failure.


Follow the steps below to run the patch:


1. Download x985bt-rollover-patch.zip and unzip it to an empty folder on your computer.

2. Copy the containment ot the zip file to the root folder on an empty memory card.

3. Turn off the device, put in the memory card and turn on the device. Connect the device to charger while running the patch.


The patch will automatically do following steps needed. After the patch has been run the device will reboot and the operating system will be loaded. After this remove the memory card from the device.

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