Meizu 16th smartphone

6/64 & 8/128 version

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meizu 16 th t02

Symmetrical Samsung full screen
Custom ultra-narrow left and right bezels

meizu 16 th t03

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 flagship platform
Hexagon 685 AI processing chip

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In-screen fingerprint payment
2nd-generation optical fingerprint

meizu 16 th t05

Optional 8 + 128 GB capacity
MIMO antenna technology

meizu 16 th t06

4-curved surface 3D glass body
Elegant color combination of Distant Mountain White and Night Black

meizu 16 th t07

Sony flagship dual-camera combination
Hardware-level AI scene recognition

meizu 16 th t08

mEngine touch engine
Music Link ringtone vibration

meizu 16 th t09

Full-screen gesture interaction
Upgraded Android O kernel

meizu 16 th t10

Screen ratio of 89.57%

The MEIZU 16th series stands out among full-screen mobile phones. The 1.43 mm left and right bezels represent a breakthrough by MEIZU. Adopts the width of the Samsung AMOLED COF screen mass production at 40 mm. This is a fully leveraged screen. The 7 mm top bezel accommodates a hidden receiver, super-linear speaker, 20 MP camera, and multiple custom split sensors. Seeing is not actually believing. We’ve kept the white front panel intact with only one opening for the camera.


meizu 16 th t11

Extremely powerful with an evaluation point of 290,000

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with the Kryo™ 385 core architecture, providing up to 2.8 GHz. Adreno 630 next-generation GPU and advanced 10 nm FinFET process, delivers superb performance and efficient power-consumption control.


Hexagon 685
AI chip

8 GB

128 GB
UFS 2.1 flash


meizu 16 th t12



Thickness of only 7.3 mm
but supports in-screen fingerprint recognition

It’s simple to create a purely full screen, but the key is getting the best use out of it. Just place your finger on the fingerprint icon. The in-screen next-gen optical fingerprint module unlocks the phone in milliseconds. We’ve developed a new stacking solution for AMOLED screen and optical fingerprint, which enables this globally ultra-thin mobile phone to support in-screen fingerprint recognition.



          meizu 16 th t13  Application unlock





meizu 16 th t16


Diverse gestures

Are there any gestures more convenient than Super mBack? Of course. We retain precious screen space. On the screen bottom, you can slide up to return, slide for longer to return to the desktop, and slide for longer and hold to display multitasking. These gestures are supported on the left and right sides. Considering our tens of millions of MEIZU Flyme users, we don’t make reckless changes. We’ve kept the Android navigation bar, but have upgraded the Super mBack design. While the same gestures are supported, the appearance is more compact.


meizu 16 th t15Jack Wong-style selection and MEIZU-style combination

Sony's flagship sensor IMX380 equips MEIZU 16th series’ camera with an aperture of ƒ/1.8 and a large unit pixel area up to 1.55 μm. The sub-camera IMX350 enables the MEIZU 16th series to support bokeh and 3 × lossless zoom.
With support for four-axis OIS and ArcSoft multi-frame noise reduction, the 12 MP + 20 MP dual-camera combination delivers amazing performance, especially in dim light.


flagship sensor

lossless zoom

large pixel size

large aperture

meizu 16 th t17

Smaller, but stronger

To ensure a better experience, the MEIZU 16th series adopts a custom front module with optical design, making it the leader of mobile phones with 20 MP front cameras.
The smart bokeh is the equivalent to dual cameras. The advanced ArcSoft beauty algorithm makes your selfies better match your facial features for great snaps.




Stunning touch and breathtaking sound
mEngine 2.0

As a dynamic element of the MEIZU 16th series, the mEngine touch engine has undergone a second-gen upgrade. It supports 10 system-level scenes. And our engineers have equipped mEngine with a high-voltage motor driver chip, enabling powerful instant acceleration and stopping. Enable the MEIZU 16th's own ringtone settings to feel the awesome rhythm of each track.

meizu 16 th t18

meizu 16 th t19

Automatic adaptation algorithm
automatic matching is powered by thousands of scene algorithms

meizu 16 th t21
Real vibration sense algorithm

simulates touch feedback vibration such as real heartbeats and scroll wheels

meizu 16 th t212
Music tracking algorithm

continuous vibration follows the ringtone rhythm

meizu 16 th t22




Alliance with light,3D curved glass

MEIZU's creativity is reflected in many aspects of the MEIZU 16th series. Using nanoscale seven-layer vacuum evaporation technology, we’ve made the varied light reflect a unique shadow through custom textures. The curvature has been fine-tuned hundreds of times to bring the MEIZU 16th series a unique feel. The glass back and metal central frame are well integrated.






New-generation dual speakers

We continuously break the limits of craftsmanship, including in audio. With position, angle, and distance adjusted for thousands of times, the new-generation of super-linear dual speakers in the MEIZU 16th series have once again broken through the amplitude upper limit of the previous generation. To achieve excellent sound quality at high volume, we’ve adopted a larger diaphragm and a new noise reduction algorithm to keep the sound stable.

meizu 16 th t23

Improvement ,Android 8.0

The Snapdragon 845 and Flyme 7 ensure flagship performance. The bottom layer of Android 8.0 intelligently regulates the MEIZU 16 series for application acceleration, gaming performance, and slide optimization. For example, it pushes high-load processes at full speed with output on demand for daily applications. You’re basically unaware of these calculations, but the effect is powerful.

meizu 16 th t24




The MEIZU 16th series has a 2.4 GHz/5 GHz four-antenna system. No specific gestures are required to ensure antenna reception. In addition to the 845 flagship RF system, we provide an independent signal amplifier, improving download speeds by 60%.

meizu 16 th t25

“Water” cooling for heat dissipation

The flagship performance DNA is imbued in every detail of the MEIZU 16th series. The thickness of our custom copper cooling pipe is only 0.4 mm. When the phone temperature is above the critical value, the water vapor in the copper cooling pipe carries the heat away from the mainboard along the capillary structure. After the water vapor is cooled and liquefied, it starts to circulate again.

meizu 16 th t26

Extraordinary power
Great performance in every way

Adopts the cutting-edge, high-performance platform - Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The powerful core with clock up to 2.8 GHz easily handles multiple tasks and demanding games. The 10 nm process technology also allows for energy saving for the MEIZU 16th series.

meizu 16 th t27


meizu 16 th t28ADRENO Landmark 630 GPU

Based on the 10 nm process technology, Adreno 630 uses 30% less energy than the previous generation.
Thanks to the performance optimization of the GPU, the MEIZU 16th series easily handles popular massive multiplayer mobile games.








Coming For AI

As Qualcomm's third-generation AI processing chip, Hexagon 685 supports multi-platform neural network systems that provide three times more AI computing power than the previous generation.
Based on advanced machine learning and algorithms, the video effects and biometric recognition experience have been optimized for the MEIZU 16th series.

meizu 16 th t29


"Lightning" transmission rate

The MEIZU 16th series uses UFS 2.1 flash memory for powerful read and write performance. It ensures a smooth and swift experience when loading, installing or running apps and during phone startup. It stays smooth even when you’re shooting a 4K video.

meizu 16 th t30


Optional 8 GB memory
Boon for gamers

The MEIZU 16th series allows you to run more large apps at the same time. We've adopted the excellent LPDDR4X memory with a clock of up to 3733 Mbps.

meizu 16 th t31

Sony flagship sensor
Performance comparable to a night-vision device

Sony's flagship sensor IMX380 with ultra-large bottom equips the MEIZU 16th series with outstanding photo performance.
Combined with the IMX350, it delivers a bokeh effect comparable to digital cameras.
The main camera with ƒ/1.8 ultra-large aperture, four-axis OIS and ArcSoft multi-frame noise reduction provides optimization in dim light and enables a hand-held safety shutter up to 1/4 second. Enables you to take awesome dark-light photography.

meizu 16 th t32

3 × lossless zoom

The dual-camera combination of the 12 MP wide-angle lens and 20 MP telephoto lens makes it easy to achieve 3 × lossless zoom.
Just slide with two fingers for distant scenes to immediately come near.

meizu 16 th t33

Spectra 280 image processor
Better collaboration

The photosensitive element of the MEIZU 16th series works well with the flagship ISP. Together with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, they increase the granularity of images and deliver stunning effects.

meizu 16 th t34


20 MP front camera with AI beauty
Discovering more beauty

This MEIZU-custom front camera supports portrait bokeh mode and even bokeh for multi-person scenes based on intelligent algorithms.
The new ArcSoft AI beauty algorithm automatically analyzes your age, gender, skin texture and T area based on big data. It provides a scientific beauty effect for a unique style.


Face Recognition 2.0
Wake up to unlock

To provide a rich unlocking experience, the MEIZU 16th series supports face unlocking as well as in-screen fingerprint unlocking. Unlocks the screen immediately after waking it up.
Face Recognition 2.0 adds support for application and document encryption, making your data safer.


Hardware-level AI scene recognition
Camera with thought

Driven by the ArcSoft algorithm and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 AI engine, the AI chip makes your camera a thinker as well as a snapper. It can recognize various scenes, including portraits, night scenes, texts, cats, dogs, fireworks, landscapes, and blue sky. It intelligently analyzes the captured images and matches the best algorithm for the specific scene based on the fully automatic HDR function. Basically, it’s your professional photography assistant. The camera features an AI function that gives you a great shot every time, making you a pro photographer.

When the camera detects a baby, it turns off the flash to avoid startling the little one.



Modell: M882H / Global
Kijelző: 6” FullHD+ AMOLED 2160x1080 kapacitív érintőképernyő
402ppi, 100000:1 kontraszt, 430 cd/m2 fényerő, teljesen laminált
Processzor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core 2.8 GHz
10nm FinFET alacsony energiaigényű processzorok
Qualcomm Hexagon 685 DSP AIE mesterséges intelligencia motor
GPU: Adreno 630 grafikus processzor
Memória: 8 GB LPDDR4X
Tárhely: 128 GB tárhely UFS 2.1 (nem teljesen elérhető a felhasználó részére)
Mobilhálózatok: 4G FDD-LTE (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B20)
3G WCDMA (B1, B2, B4, B5, B8)
2G GSM (B2, B3, B5, B8)
SIM kártyák: DualSIM, Dual Standby, 2 x nanoSIM kártya
Szoftver: Android 8 Oreo, FLYME OS 7, magyar nyelv, Google Play
Fő kamera: Hátlapi 12 MP + 20 MP kettős SONY kamerarendszer
Sony IMX380 és IMX350 képerzékelők
OIS optikai képstabilizátor (fő kamera) és 3X optikai zoom
f/1.8 ultra nagy apertúra és f/2.6 nagy apertúra
Lézeres fókuszrendszer
Kettős ISP képfeldolgozó egység
Sorozatfelvétel, panorámamód
Kör elrendezésű, 6 LED-es vaku
Előlapi kamera Front 20 MP-es képérzékelő
f/2.0 apertúra, 5-tagú egyedi lencse
AI arcfelismerés, intelligens háttérelmosási effekt
ArcSoft Beauty algoritmus és adaptív Beautify technológia
FaceAE (automatikus javítás)
WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi DualBand (2.4GHz/5GHz), 2x2 MIMO támogatás
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE / A2DP
GPS: Built-in, GPS+GLONASS, A-GPS, Beidou, Galileo, SBAS, QZSS
Sensors: Horizontal linear motor, stress sensor, Hall magnetic sensor, gravity sensor, Ambient luminosity sensor, infrared distance sensor, gyroscope Touch sensor, electronic compass
mTouch: Recognition angle 360°, In-screen optical fingerprint, Record at Most Five Fingerprints
mEngine: Create a global touch feedback effect by the lateral linear motor mEngine
Connection: USB 2.0 Type-C reversible
Dimensions: 73,2 x 150,5 x 7,3 mm
Weight: 152 g.
Operating environment: 0°C - 35°C
Battery: Built-in 3.010 mAh Lithium
Extras: 4G LTE B20, 92,5% bodi to screen ratio, AMOLED display, in-screen fingerprint sensor, 6 LED flash, mEngine, Always-On display

* Factory specifications that may change without prior notice


Meizu 16th smartphone Meizu 16th smartphone Meizu 16th smartphone
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